9/11/2016 | Virtual Reality Session

The future of virtual reality has arrived already and is gradually moving beyond its gadget stage. With the introduction of Ocolus rift the access to immersive learning and simulation experiences has been widely opened. It looks likely that by 2020 computer systems that deliver convincing immersive reasonably reliable virtual reality will cost no more than a big screen television does not. The real-world-simulations make it difficult to distinguish what is still real and what virtual. In this awareness raising session we will explore the potential of this new technology in the world of work and more in particular apply a VR perspective to OSH and Labour inspectors.


  • Google Cardboard (Tom Wambeke and Elena Tagliati)
  • Samsung Gear (Luca di Albertis)
  • Augmented Reality (Rodrigo Filgueira)

Mindshifting session AGENDA

PART 1: Welcome and introduction (20 min).

Welcome and introduction by Tom Wambeke (Prezi presentation about VR and the links with the Future of Work project). Introduction of Pix Discovery and Kairos3D.

PART 2: Explanation about the 3D devices and immersive learning group works.

PART 3: Small group immersive learning experiences with rotations after 20 minutes.

PART 4: Plenary group discussion about potential VR applications at the ITC-ILO.


Clouds over sidra

Waves of Grace

Nepal earthquake